Fusing Math & Fun

Math Reactor provides a fun-first approach to learning math for kids in grades 5-8.

Why Math Reactor?

Fun First,
Collaborative Approach

Kids have a blast learning and working together with peers.

Problem Solving &
Critical Thinking

Hands-on, engaging curriculum teaches kids valuable life skills.

Math Mentors™
Guidance & Support

Mentors create a fun, safe learning environment that's never boring.

Boring? Scary? Irrelevant? Not at Math Reactor!

We're changing the face of math by showing kids that it's fun, collaborative, exciting, and vital to everything we do -- from turning on the lights to space travel.

Fun & engaging math education for kids in grades 5-8.

How to Get Started

1. Request Student Info

Let us know that you're interested in learning more and we'll get back to you shortly.

2. Free Session & Tour

Come in to the Reactor for a free 30-minute session for your child and a tour for you.

3. Join & Start Learning!

Your child starts learning and advancing while having fun with activities, and friendly competition.